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Auto Repair Columbus Ohio, (614) 263-9042



If your car needs a $500 repair, we’ll break the news gently. But if it really only needed a good blast of WD-40, we’ll tell you that, too. And we probably won’t bother charging you for the WD-40.

At Rick’s, we’re regular people.

We understand that many people have had difficult experiences with car mechanics and are wary of being “taken for a ride.” Please let us know if you have any concerns. We are always happy to return parts to you that we have removed and replaced, for your peace of mind.

Better yet, ask our loyal customers! You’ll find many of our regulars who can tell you great stories about being treated fairly, and about our mechanics who go above and beyond to save you money.



  1. If I didn’t have my excellent, trustworthy mechanics at Rick’s 1 Auto I wouldn’t still be driving Patch, my trusty old 1990 Toyota wagon with 240,000+ miles on the odometer. This is one loyal and happy customer who wouldn’t want to go anywhere else to have my cars maintenanced.

  2. Thank you Ricks! You’ve taken good care of my friend in Columbus for some years now. An honest mechanic with integrity like you mentioned in the first paragraph is worth their weight in gold! I know all to well! At my wrecker service we’ve had the unfortunate situation of recommending a couple bad mechanics which in turn makes our business look bad. So it’s safe to say it’s just something we are a lot more careful and picky and choosy with anymore!

    • Thank you so much

  3. I went through over the weekend to have control arms replaced on my car after a not-so-good experience with another mechanic. Turns out the control arms didn’t need to be replaced; just needed all the bolts tightened and torqued.
    It was genuinely refreshing to have someone want to help you and not try make a quick buck on something that didn’t need to be done.

    Definitely worth supporting Rick’s… I wont take my cars anywhere else moving forward. Thank you for the great, speedy AND friendly service!

    • Thank you so much are pleasure

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